Meet Amin Aaser, Founder and Executive Director of Noor Kids

Meet Amin Aaser, Founder and Executive Director of Noor Kids

Amin G. Aaser is a leader in Muslim children’s education, advocacy, and development.

Amin is the founder and Executive Director of Noor Kids, a Harvard-supported educational services organization that seeks to build confidence in the religious identity of young Muslims. Noor Kids publishes one of the world’s fastest-growing Islamic children’s book series with titles in over 25,000 homes across 25 countries.

Amin is an expert on identity, bullying, and education among Muslim children in America. He has been featured on NPR, BBC, The Huffington Post, The Boston Herald, and The Christian Science Monitor, among a host of other media outlets. Since 2016, Amin has been invited to over 275 communities across North America to help counter challenges faced by Muslim children and youth.

Amin began his career in business management, working for Fortune 500 companies such as 3M, Target Corporation, and General Mills. He gained his MBA at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley where he specialized in faith-based social enterprises. He graduated magna cum laude with distinction from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

He lives with his wife and daughter in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

About Noor Kids
Noor Kids is a Harvard-supported Islamic educational program designed to inspire kids to love Allah. Our online, interactive classes and books are kid-friendly, and shaykh-approved. Our program includes “Disney-quality” books, enriching classes, and interactive activities that are genuinely fun. Our books have now entered into over 250,000 homes across 25 countries!   Check out a free sample, click here.


May 11, 2023 • Posted by Ashraf Islam

Assalamu ALaikum Br. Amen,

Firstly I greatly respect your motives. I think instilling iman in Muslim Children is an incredibly, incredibly important and noble task.

Also, Jazakallah Khair tremendously for encouraging people to know and love their Lord.

Just a quick thing—-aren’t animated images with faces haram in Islam? I remember reading that on islamqa as well as seeing Madinah Arabic Volume books with faces blurred out.

Would love to see you continue your mission to instill strong iman and good character in children, dear brother Amen.

JAzakallah Khair

Keep it up man, the Muslim kids need that iman and husnul khuluq in their hearts as well as adults.

Pray for us

May 07, 2023 • Posted by Reyhanna Siddique

I have a question.
What is the reciters name that was on the Ramadan camp in the beginning?

Mar 28, 2023 • Posted by Abdullah

Hi how can I join the zoom

Dec 10, 2022 • Posted by Haajar Aziz

Salaam alaikum
I’m curious if I can invite Noor kids for a birthday party? Or schedule a zoom for my 7 yr old twins !

Oct 10, 2022 • Posted by Sunny

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Oct 02, 2021 • Posted by Syed Abidi

AsSalaam Brother Amin,

I would like to request if you can call me as soon as possible. This is in regards to my sixth grade daughter who was physically and verbally targeted in a public school by a boy for her head covering/Hijab.

I have the opportunity to make a difference as school is cooperating in promoting education and awareness around the topic. How can you help me.

May be you have books on Hijab or Bullying that I could have them incorporate in the curriculum or have them keep in the school library .

I have a meeting with the superintendent this Monday and I would appreciate if you reach out at my cell (516) 582-9007 before that.

I am doing homework..

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