Each month, new stories to help children learn & love Islam.

Each month, new stories to help children learn & love Islam.

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    “All the students, parents and staff members loved having Br. Amin from Noor Kids come and read to them! We at ADAMS Radiant Hearts Academy, love Noor Kids!”
    “Br. Amin’s story was personal, touching, and motivating. His ability to connect with an audience of all age groups made him truly inspirational. This is something that can be a source of motivation and good for communities across the nation.”
    “We had the privilege of welcoming Br. Amin Aaser to BEAM. I saw a great combination of passion, creativity, high communication skills, knowledge and humbleness in one person. Indeed, Amin left a great impact in the kids' minds and hearts.”
    “The books are beautifully written and illustrated, and a great start to begin discussions such as bullying and fostering meaningful friendships. Noor Kids addresses issues all of our youth face, while giving parents a fun and educational resource.”
    “We had the pleasure of welcoming Br. Amin Aaser of Noor Kids into our center for presentations to our children. His books are fantastically written and illustrated and the children love the animal characters that show what it means to be a good Muslim.”

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    Born and raised in America, we understand first-hand the challenge children face in preserving a strong Muslim identity.