Islam is more than memorization... It's a way of life.


From Jakarta to Jacksonville, our mission is to partner with families in raising Muslims who build a better world. Noor Kids is leading a renaissance in the Islamic upbringing of children. One where faith is cultivated through friendship with our Creator, and not just fear. Where Islam resides in good character, and not just God-inspired memorization. Where children are inspired to believe, and not just forced to obey.

Our Evidence-Based Approach

Noor Kids utilizes the S.I.R.A.T. child-centered approach to foster Islamic identity-development.







Positive modeling stories that address real-world problems faced by children are a proven medium to teach character, citizenship, and belief. Such stories foster engagement, retention, and identity-development.

Identity Curriculum

Much of a child’s identity is shaped by eight years of age. At this age, key elements of an Islamic identity include: a child’s relationship with himself (character), his community (citizenship), and his Creator (beliefs).

Role Models

What does it mean to be a Muslim in America? Real and imaginary role models who children can relate to demonstrate what it means to be Muslim in America for kids.

Active Parenting

Parents play the single greatest role in a child’s identity development. However, most parents are not equipped to talk with children about faith; tools, such as Noor Kids, allow for this to occur.

Thinking Critically

While traditional education often focuses on teaching what Muslims believe and how they practice, children growing up as a religious minority must understand why. Critical thinking allows children to build belief.

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Our evidence-based approach to raise confident Muslims in the West

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Our Values



The mind of a child is where change begins.

By the time a child is nine years of age, a significant portion of their life-long identity has been formed. Therefore, if we seek to raise children who build a better world, we must invest into early education.



Islam is more than memorization. It is the path to solve our world's greatest challenges.

For some, to be Muslim is to pray. For us, that is just the beginning. Islam represents a path to solve our world’s greatest struggles — from global warming to racial inequity to moral decay.



Our children deserve better than willy-nilly solutions. They need our best.

More so than a house or a career, children represent a family’s most valuable investment. We cannot place the success of our children’s Islamic upbringing into the hands of willy-nilly products. Rather, we utilize evidence-based solutions.



We don’t know all of the answers. That’s why we work with theological and scholarly experts to grow.

We partner with qualified experts and institutions to advise our efforts related to Islamic sciences, educational pedagogy, and creative methodologies. Every day, we learn from our experiences and grow.



We do important work. In fact, it’s so important that we need to create joy while doing it.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of fun. (Yes, you read that right.) There’s a lot competing for a child’s attention — and, therefore, our work is, and must be, fun. Seriously, fun.

Who We Are



Founder and Executive Director

Amin is the founder and Executive Director of Noor Kids, a Harvard-supported educational services organization that seeks to build confidence in the religious identity of young Muslims.

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Wasif Khan


Co-founder and Innovator

Wasif is the co-founder and head of innovation at Noor Kids, a Harvard-supported educational service that seeks to build confidence in the religious identity of Muslim kids globally.

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Chief Marketing Officer

Fazela is an expert in Marketing. A truly “Global” citizen, she has lived and worked with C-level executives, Digital Marketing Evangelists, Technology experts, Academicians and Professionals from across the globe. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a Master of Science degree in Marketing Management.

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Education Director

Sana is an educational researcher with interdisciplinary experience across anthropology, sociology, and child development. She earned her Masters in Education with a focus on Equity and Social Justice at San Francisco State University.

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Animations Director

Huda is currently the Animations Director at Noor Kids. She holds a B.S. in engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and is working towards her graduate degree in animation from Savannah College of Art and Design.

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Executive Producer

Oroosh Sheikh is the Executive Producer for the forthcoming Noor Kids animated series project. Oroosh is a serial entrepreneur and has successfully launched various businesses over the past 15 years.

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Maryam Razvi Padela


Curriculum Expert

Maryam is an educator and researcher. She taught for a few years in Islamic schools (including evening and weekend schools) and both urban and suburban public school settings. Maryam also holds teaching certifications (New York State and Illinois) in PreK-6th grade. Her particular research interests include investigating pedagogies used while teaching and learning about religion.

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Creative Developer

Maryum earned her Bachelor's Degree Summa Cum Laude from the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts in 1989. Since then she's worked in the field of Professional Development and Education in content development as editor, reviewer, and writer, as well as in content delivery as a trainer and educator.

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Creative Developer & Book Production Manager

Ammar Habib has a passion for writing and a passion for raising the next generation of Muslims, so working at Noor Kids was the perfect opportunity for him! As a creative developer at Noor Kids, he helps develop the book plots for Noor Kids’ monthly books, and, as the book production manager, he is in charge of maintaining the production schedule of the books and maintaining the quality of the books.

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Chief of Staff

Hassan is a general business manager with cross-functional experience across business development, product management, and retail merchandising. He serves as the Chief of Staff for Noor Kids, where he is responsible for executing top-tier priorities of the organization.

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Noori Bibi


Islamic Researcher

Noori is originally a Londoner who relocated to New York through marriage and is now a mother of two awesome young children. Noori is an award-winning campaigner who is deeply passionate about social justice, human rights and education.

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Educator & Podcast Producer

Anam Mansoor is an expert in the experiences and needs of young Muslim youth today. After attending An-Noor Academy in New Jersey, where she became Haafizah and studied Islamic Studies and Arabic, she earned her B.A. in English from Rutgers University and her M.Ed. in Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education.

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B2B Specialist

Zehra is the Retail and Distribution lead at Noor Kids. She is from Chicago, IL and earned a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Marketing from DePaul University. She is experienced in securing international trade partners, e-commerce, social media management, content writing and is currently studying towards a Digital Marketing qualification.

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Customer Success Specialist

Fatima earned her Bachelor's Degree in English Literature and worked as a teacher in the Middle East before joining Noor Kids. A teacher by profession, learner by interest, she is passionate about education and the power of stories to change lives. She loves engaging with people and is always looking for new opportunities to learn.

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Shireen Momin


Events Relations Director and Distribution Manager

Shireen is thrilled to be with Noor Kids as the Events Relation Director and Distribution Manager. She went to the University of Minnesota and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics, Entrepreneurial Studies, and Finance; while minoring in Leadership, Child Psychiatry, and Pharmacy.

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Meet Our Advisors


Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Founder and President

Yaqeen Institute
Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda

Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda

Founder, Director, and Instructor

Qalam Institute
Shaykh Rizwan Arastu

Shaykh Rizwan Arastu


Ustadha Rania Awaad

Executive Director

Khalil Center

Mohammed Aaser

Chief Data Officer

McKinsey & Company

Dr. Freda Shamma


Islamic Schools League of America

Imam Tahir Anwar


Zaytuna College

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Noor Kids has gained support from a host of Islamic scholars,