Family Matters

Family Matters

Family Matters

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It’s not a luxury car, big house, or fancy watch that makes for life satisfaction; rather, it is a strong self-concept. Modern psychology indicates that a clear sense of who we are and how we feel about ourselves is critical to our well-being.

So what contributes to a positive self-concept? A strong relationship with mom and dad. In the Holy Qu’ran, Allah (SWT) provides us with the metaphor of trees, illustrating that trees with strong roots have branches that reach the sky (14:24). As children grow up with loving and trusting relationships with their parents, children are able to develop a clear, constructive self-image and strong values. It is no surprise that the Prophet (SAW) notes that heaven lies under the feet of a mother.

In this book, we seek to show the important role that parents play. In the first story, Following Footsteps, Amin learns that through trusting his mother while hiking, especially during challenging situations, he is able to experience heavenly sights. In the second story, Swing and a Miss, Shireen learns to turn to her parents and to Allah (SWT) for support in order to face her fear of batting during her baseball game.

This book also features an Islamic Invention, a spotlight on bees in the Qu’ran and much more!

Author: Amin G. Aaser
Published: November 2012
Location: Maple Grove, MN
Page Count: 28
Ages: 3-8