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Tawaaf, Sa’iee, and Mount Hira… what do they all have in common? They are all up for investigation, in  “Noor Kids go to Hajj!” The book is developed for 4-8 year olds.


The concept s of Hajj were created through the wisdom of Allah (SWT). As such, while the ideas can be simple, the reflections on these acts of worship lead to incredible growth – for children, but also their parents. We developed our stories such that those who reflect on them, young or old, may be able to take away exceptional learnings to apply into our everyday activities.


As we think about our daily lives, what are our daily goals and purpose? Do they center on our friends and playtime? Or maybe work? However, as we walk around the Holy Kaaba, Allah (SWT) forces us to create a convincing message, one in which his worship is the center of our world and purpose for existence.  Asad, one of the four main characters in Noor Kids, is able to master this complex idea through the simple metaphor of the solar system in “Noor Kids go to Hajj!”


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About Noor Kids
Noor Kids is a Harvard-supported Islamic educational program designed to inspire kids to love Allah. Our online, interactive classes and books are kid-friendly, and shaykh-approved. Our program includes “Disney-quality” books, enriching classes, and interactive activities that are genuinely fun. Our books have now entered into over 250,000 homes across 25 countries!   Check out a free sample, click here.



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