What does Noor Kids mean to you? Testimonial drive with tons of giveaways!



As Salaam Alaikum Noor Kids Family,   Since the start of this Holy Month, we've been blessed with many new fans and supporters. But with the increase in interest, folks have contacted us looking for information about Noor Kids... and that's where we are looking for your participation.   We believe that the Noor Kids family of subscribers can better answer these questions than we can. And in doing so, we'll expose Noor Kids to many more little Muslims all around North America.   Starting today and until Tuesday, August 14th, we encourage you to come onto our Facebook and write on our wall. Specifically, talk to:

      • What does Noor Kids mean to you?
      • Why do your children enjoy the book series?
      • Would you recommend others to try it out?
And with the spirit of Ramadan and Eid, we are providing hundreds of dollars worth of giveaways for those who participate! Gifts include:
      • 10 $5 giftcards to Target
      • 3x copies of "School is Out for the Summer"
      • 3x copies of "Noor Kids go to Hajj"
      • 3x copies of "Noor Kids Discover their Blessings"
      • 3x copies of "Honestly Speaking
The gifts will be given away at random to those who participate and can be sent as gifts to loved ones.   Additionally, if you haven't yet already subscribed to Noor Kids, take advantage of our Ramadan special of 50% off and subscribe today!   Thanks for your continued support of Noor Kids. Insha'llah, together, we will be able to spread Noor Kids to more communities through your assistance.  Jazaka'llah Khair and thanks for your support.   Amin

About Noor Kids
Noor Kids is a Harvard-supported educational program designed to build confidence in the religious identity of little Muslims. Each month, families receive a new title designed by our team of creative, educational, and scholarly experts. Our titles have now entered into over 25,000 homes across 25 countries!   To check out a free sample, click here .


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