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Gift Subscriptions are Available Now

Many of our customers have been contacting us about getting Noor Kids for family members. For this reason, we thought it would make sense to introduce a "Gift Subscription". This is particularly helpful for those who want to send Noor kids to a nephew, niece, or grand child.

The easiest Way to send Noor Kids as gift for someone who is not living at your address is to go to our "Buy Now" page and select "Yes" if you are sending it as a gift subscription to someone at another residence. Please enter the name and address for the gift subscription and then complete the payment. We will make sure the gift is sent to the gift address.

Also, all orders made before August 22nd will arrive in time for Eid! Please let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at maaser at noorkids dot com

About Noor Kids
Noor Kids is a Harvard-supported educational program designed to build confidence in the religious identity of little Muslims. Each month, families receive a new title designed by our team of creative, educational, and scholarly experts. Our titles have now entered into over 25,000 homes across 25 countries!   To check out a free sample, click here .


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