Ramadan Reflection: Noor Kids Giving $5/order for Famine Relief

"He who hears the call for help from another Muslim but does not respond to him, has nothing to do with Islam." - Prophet Mohammed (SWT)

500,000 children are currently malnourished and risk death at the hands of the famine that has struck East Africa. Today, over 12 million people are in immediate need of food and water.  Witnesses have accounted children feeding from their mothers who have already passed away. Every day, hundreds die because of the drought and famine. This is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today.

The beautiful month of Ramadan nears it's final days. As a I reflect on the weeks of abstaining from food and water from sun up to sun down, I recall the exceptional feeling of breaking my fast. A days worth of hard work, witnessing my peers and colleagues at work breaking for lunch and enjoying cold beverages throughout the day with a smile. Finally, as the sun goes down, I too have my enjoyment. I cup my hand around the cool glass as I first appreciate the moisture that exudes from water. I raise the glass to my mouth and allow my tongue to taste this pure blessing. After an entire's day of abstaining, I finally enjoy the sweet taste that enters into my body.

Throughout the day, I am challenged with the lack of nourishment in my body. I wonder what effect it has on my productivity - was I able to work as long as I could? Was I able to stay motivated and productive? It is with a great deal of shame that I forget the real concerns of millions around the world, wondering instead if they will be blessed with water and food to even break their fast. Instead of being concerned about productivity, they are worried about their mother or child who has gone days without food.

United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Somalia, Mark Bowden, states that  “Every day of delay in assistance is literally a matter of life or death.” As a Muslim, I pride myself in the tradition of charity that is indoctrinated into the practice of Islam. It is not simply an act of kindness, but rather our duty to help those in need of assistance as Allah (SWT) has blessed each of us with the capability to do so. The charity which is a part of our faith is unparalleled to any other peoples in the world - a source of pride and encouragement.

Tomorrow, when we have the blessing of breaking our fast, let us remember all those around the world who do not have such a privilege. When we have our first sip of water, let's reflect on all of the blessing we've taken for granted. And most of all, let us decide to play a role in the relief for the millions facing deathly conditions in East Africa.

We're excited to announce that Noor Kids is committed to play our role as well. For every order between now and September 9th, we will be donating $5 towards the relief efforts. Insha'llah together, we can make a difference.

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Jazakallah Khair,


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