Eight Fun Ramadan Activities for Children to do on Their Own

Eight Fun Ramadan Activities for Children to do on Their Own

Ramadan is indeed a time for learning and bonding with your children. However, sometimes there's opportunity to allow them to experience learning and education on their own in a fun way! Below we highlight some fun activities to help your children learn and grow, while awarding you the time to focus on your ibadah this Ramadan!

1. Ramadan Activity Book

Umm an-Nu’man provides a beautifully rich and detailed PDF (free to download and print) with top-notch activities and lessons designed to keep kids busy in a good way. This activity book—totaling 75 pages—features highly thoughtful and stimulating lessons, art activities, and games that meaningfully engage the month of Ramadan, while strengthening children’s basic reading, writing, counting, spelling, and critical thinking skills.  

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  • 2. Children’s Ramadan Videos

  • Ramadan offers a special opportunity to decrease our worldly entertainment (like television shows, movies, music) and tune into more beneficial and spiritual activities. This is true for all ages! In this helpful post, Canadian blogger, The Muslimah Mommy shares her personal playlist of selected Ramadan videos for children, which can be streamed on YouTube. From puppet shows and nasheeds to mini history lessons, each of these videos invites kids to lightheartedly reflect on the meaning of this holy month.

    (Source: themuslimahmommy.com)

  • 3. Activity: Coloring in Verses on Fasting

  • This is an activity that is beneficial for both younger and older kids! Coloring in the English translation of the Qur’anic command to fast (Qur’an 2: 183-185) is a very simple, yet highly effective, way for parents and teachers to introduce fasting as a pillar of Islam. With appropriate images that accompany each written verse, children learn (and insha’Allah internalize) the obligations and exceptions of fasting.   

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  • 4. Activity: Sadaqa Jar

  • GiveLight Foundation is a wonderful organization that cares for young Muslim orphans around the world. In this beautiful community post, GiveLight offers a deep lesson linking gratitude (shukr) and charity (sadaqa)—with an emphasis on children’s involvement in these key activities. Decorating and maintaining a personal “Sadaqa Jar” is a perfect, practical way for kids to engage in the related acts of gratitude and charity. Click the following link to learn more!

    (Source: givelight.org)

  • 5. Activity: 99 Names of Allah Puzzle

  • What better way to improve one’s Arabic and English reading skills than to do so by remembering the divine names and attributes of Allah (swt)? This “99 Names of Allah” flashcard and memory-puzzle activity is doubly beneficial. For children who are not well-versed in the Arabic script, flashcards can be modified to simply reflect English meanings and transliteration—which still allows kids to remember, reflect on, and insha’Allah memorize the 99 names and attributes of Allah (swt).

    (Source: imanshomeschool.wordpress.com)

  • 6. Islamic Studies Video Games

  • In the category of interactive online games and lessons, this website is an Islamic Studies gem! An excellent resource for children who are comfortable using a computer or tablet, this website features an extensive range of Islamic Studies’ related sources—from Arabic lessons and Prophetic stories, to nasheeds and video games. We especially recommend this for parents keen on introducing more spiritually beneficial videos and videogames to their tech-savvy children.

    (Source: muslimkidsville.com)

  • 7. Activity: Ramadan Placemat

  • This Ramadan placemat-making activity by Karima’s Crafts is a subtle yet creative way of introducing and instilling the virtue of saying bismillah before eating and drinking. This website also features a series of other Islamic stencils and worksheets, which can be laminated into placemats too! Be sure to check out the worksheets that feature special Ramadan duas associated with beginning and breaking the fast.

    (Source: karimascrafts.com)

  • 8. Qur’an Memorization Starter Kit

  • Though a purchase is required for this final activity, we believe it’s an invaluable investment. These Qur’an memorization starter kits and flashcards are meticulously well-crafted, featuring surahs in Arabic, English, and transliterated Arabic for ease of recitation.  Not only do the kits include surahs, but they also contain important lessons on topics such as the etiquette of recitation, virtues of memorization, reward of teaching Qur’an to one’s children, and tips for Qur’an study.

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    Have a favorite from the above? Let us know in the comments below!

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