Eight Activities to Bond With Your Children this Ramadan

Ramadan is meant to be a blessed month in which you should be able to focus on your personal connection with Allah. However, bonding with your children and creating Ramadan memories and traditions is also crucial. It can be tough trying to be supermom while simultaneously striving to be the best servant to Allah (swt).

To help you manage this tricky balance, we’ve put together a list of great activities that insha’Allah will help you connect with your children and also keep them occupied -- freeing you up to make the most of this blessed month!

1. Ramadan Schedules

Creating and implementing a Ramadan schedule, inclusive of key activities such as prayer, dhikr and volunteering allows families to meaningfully engage in productive efforts and, insha’Allah, instill long-term spiritual habits throughout the year. Noor Janan offers a remarkably rich and detailed sample, free to modify and download in the following link.

(Source: noorjanan.blogspot.com)

  • 2. Ramadan Lapbook

  • A “lapbook” is a portable, self-printed booklet of activities and worksheets, perfect to keep kids entertained and actively engaged, especially on drives and outings. We love Umm Abdul Basir’s curated set of Ramadan-themed lapbook printables that are tailored for children ages 2-5 years. From coloring the lunar phases to answering critical thinking questions, each of these worksheets delivers fun yet substantive Ramadan lessons—whether at home or on the road. 

    (Source: ummabdulbasir.wordpress.com)

  • 3. Exercise: “What is ____?” Leaflets

  • Preparing and printing “What is Ramadan?” and “What is Eid?” leaflets for teachers, neighbors, and colleagues is an excellent form of dawa—or inviting dialogue on Islam and on Muslim practices. Creating these one-page printables (perhaps with accompanying treats!) as a family prepares children to confidently discuss Ramadan with their non-Muslim teachers and peers. Below you’ll find a thorough sample to replicate or to inspire your writing!  

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  • 4. Exercise: Understanding the Lunar Calendar

  • Sighting the new moon is one of the most exciting and celebrated activities associated with Ramadan and Eid. But how does one recognize the new moon? What is the significance of this ritual in Islam? In this interactive online lesson and printable activity, kids are introduced to the precise phases of the lunar cycle and are given instructions to construct their own lunar calendars to use year-round. This is an excellent resource to supplement a lengthier lesson on the twelve Islamic months.

    (Source: sciencenetlinks.com)

  • 5. Qur’an Games

  • Ramadan is the month during which our Holy Qur’an was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (saw) in the cave of Hira, with the archangel Jibra’il (as). Ramadan is thus a particularly special time to read and reflect on the Qur’an, both individually and in community. The following link offers a list of creative games we can use to foster a “Qur’anic” atmosphere at home with our families.

    For more information on how the Qur’an was revealed see here; and for fun and highly engaging Qur’an lessons for young children click here!

    (Source: virtualmosque.com)

  • 6. Lesson: Zakat-al-Fitr

  • What is Zakat-al-Fitr? How and when does one pay it? These are questions that are expertly answered in the following blogpost, which details the major facts and purpose of this important Muslim duty. Use this post to help explain Zakat-al-Fitr to your children and engage them in the process of paying it. Insha’Allah it will make Eid all the more special!

    (Source: islamawareness.net)

  • 7. Lesson: Laylat-al-Qadr

  • Laylat-al-Qadr is known around the Muslim world (and in Muslim communities) as the Night of Power—a night that is better than a thousand months! But what is the history and significance of this special night? How can we maximize our worship at this time? This brief, but highly informative, one-page poster provides a beneficial lesson for kids and parents alike. For added fun, consider accompanying the lesson with this Laylat-al-Qadr camping activity!  

    (Source: Pinterest)

  • 8. Ramadan Foods from around the World

  • Although a considerable amount of Ramadan is spent fasting, Muslims from around the world relish in preparing tasty traditional meals and treats during the daily pre-fast (suhur) and post-fast (iftar) meals, as well as on Eid-al-Fitr. This presents an opportunity to discover the plurality of Muslim practices and traditions! It also offers a way to broaden our horizons (and taste buds) through sampling Ramadan recipes from around the world. Check out some of the meals featured in this article!

    (Source: allrecipes.com)

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