Teach mindfulness with this “Zen Den” activity

Teach mindfulness with this “Zen Den” activity


Did you know that our Holy Prophet (SAW) had a zen den? Even before the first words of the noble Qur’an were revealed to him, he used to spend hours in a quiet place a few miles away from Mecca.

This special space was called the Cave of Hira. There, he could take a break from the distractions of life and focus only on Allah (SWT).

Since we follow the sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW), we should also have a special space to remember Allah (SWT). Read on to learn how you can create your own zen den, and then share it with us!

Getting Started: Activity Details

Age: This Islamic activity is suitable for 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8-year-olds.

Time: This activity should take roughly 20-30 minutes.

Part One - Explain the Activity

  • Share the story of how our beloved Prophet (SAW) used to retreat to the Cave of Hira in order to practice mindfulness.
  • Give examples of times in your own day when you take a break and find space to think about Allah (SWT).
  • Discuss ideas for creating a space within your home/child’s room that will serve as a “zen den” for the family/child.

    Part Two - Get Inspiration

    • Check out these inspiration photos to start brainstorming what the zen den could look like. Muslim_zen_den-Noor_Kidsmuslim_zen_den_white_decor_noor_kidsIslamic_zen_denIslamic_zen_den_spaceMuslim_zen_den_personal_spaceZen_den_for_muslim_kidsZen_den_for_Islamic_kidsZen_den_for_kidszen_space_for_muslim_kids
    • You can also do some more research online or in home decor magazines.

      Part Three - Design Your Own Zen Den

      • Review the following list of tips:
      15 Tips for Creating Your Own Zen Den
          1. Remove all screens
          2. Place something soft at your feet
          3. Choose earthy colors, and/or light blues and greens
          4. Keep it simple (furniture, decorations)
          5. Use soft, natural light
          6. Use natural scents (calming ones like lavender, jasmine, etc) - electric oil warmers or essential oil diffuser
          7. Add a plant
          8. Make it comfy (pillows, blanket, cozy chair)
          9. Keep things that remind you of Allah (SWT) (prayer rug, calligraphy/art, tasbeeh)
          10. Place a notebook and pen/pencil for jotting down ideas and thoughts
          11. Add some natural accents (smooth stones, pinecones, seashells, etc)
          12. Get a white noise machine (or relaxing sounds like water trickling/bubbling, ocean waves gently crashing, crickets chirping, Qur’an recitation, etc)
          13. If it’s only part of a room, use light and natural fabrics to create a separation (teepee, curtain, etc)
          14. Personalize it (things that help you feel calm and happy)
          15. Keep it clean
        • Using some blank paper, sketch out your zen den.


        Part Four - Gather Supplies and Create Your Space

        • Find things you already own (or make your own DIY projects if you’re feeling inspired!) to add to your zen den.
        • Create your space!

          Part Five - Share Your Results

          Send us a picture or video of your zen den, and we will post it to our social media outlets. Have fun!

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