We’re making history with Noor Vitamins [Video]


Posted by Noor Kids on Sunday, May 31, 2015


The characters you love are taking a venture off of book shelves and into medicine cabinets. Noor Pharmaceuticals, the company that produces NoorVitamins, has created the world’s first-ever Halal gummy multivitamin. We are proud to announce that our characters are all over it!

“This is an unprecedented step in the American-Muslim community,” commented Saad Malik, Chairman of the American-Muslim Consumer Consortium. “This partnership represents one of the first-ever cases of co-branding among American-Muslim companies,” he continued.

We’ve licensed the use of our four characters – Amin, Shireen, Asad, and Amira – to be used on packaging and promotions of the NoorVitamins Children’s Gummy Multivitamin. The all-natural product is specially formulated to be Halal certified, containing no gelatin.

We are thrilled to work with NoorVitamins, not only because they are one of the world’s leading Halal vitamin brands, but also because we share similar values. They are pioneers who are striving to improve the welfare of the global Muslim community. Subhan’Allah.

“Noor Kids publishes some of the best material for Muslim children I’ve ever seen,” said Dr. Mohamed Issa, CEO of NoorVitamins. “Both of our companies share a mission to serve Muslims around the world, and that alone is reason to work together,” Dr. Issa finished.

The new gummy multivitamin product will be sold online and in retail stores across the United States and in select countries internationally. Use promo code “noorkids” when you buy online and receive a free gift.

And yeah… the gummy multivitamins taste great. After trying it, Sabiha – a 3 year old from San Francisco – said, “It tastes like butterflies.”

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