[Earth Day 2015] You won't believe what the Noor Kids said about their future!

[Earth Day 2015] You won't believe what the Noor Kids said about their future!

Are your children involved in Earth Day this year? This year, Shireen asked her friends Amira, Asad, and Amin about how they plan to help the planet when they grow up... you won't believe what they had to say:

Asad: Stopping Environmental Criminals with Engineering

Sometimes I take things apart, just to figure out how to put them back together. The more complicated the gadget, the better, because I love learning about how things work. I know that I want to be involved in technology when I grow up sort of like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The thing is, there is nothing better than solving a great mystery. I think it would be cool to maybe create technology to detect where pollution comes from so that environmental criminals can be stopped! Nowadays I often make robots, do science experiments, and read about astrology. I know Allah is watching me, so I try to always do my best.

Are you like me? Perhaps we are on our way to inventing green technology that this world needs!








Amira: Inspiring Love for Allah's Creation with Art

I am known as an artist, and I love painting because I am always inspired by the beauty Allah has made all around us. Bright yellow daffodils, lush green forests, and sparkling blue rivers. Subhan'Allah! I am not 100% sure what I want to be when I grow up. It's a tough question. Maybe I'd like to make art that inspires people to fall in love with Allah's beautiful creation. I would love to write picture books about caring for the earth to inspire families to never give up on work to keep Allah's creation beautiful.

Are you like me? Maybe we can use our talents and interests in jobs that encourage Muslims to be beautifully green!



Amin: Using Sports to Change Lives

I love that feeling when there is two minutes left in the game and everybody is counting on me to score. Soccer, basketball, bicycling, it doesn't matter, I enjoy them all. As an athlete, I have got to be in tip, top shape. I would love to use my passion for sports to help people live long, healthy lives. I recently read about a new school bus that isn't powered by gas, but instead powered by kids peddling bicycles. Not only does it reduce pollution, but it gets people to exercise and stay healthy. Now that is my kind of career! 

Are you like me? Imagine how much good we could achieve by working green jobs that help Muslims to work together in activities that are healthy for themselves and the Earth!

Shireen: Speaking for Animals through Photography

My mom works for the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and because of that, I have grown up with environmental activism in my blood! I remember canoeing through the Amazon rainforest, climbing up Mount Kilimanjaro, and pitching a tent in Yosemite National Park. These experiences showed me how to care for various habitats and helped me discover the beauty of Allah's creations. While I've spent a lot of time above ground, I haven't spent much time below it! I would love to discover water creatures. When I return from trips I'm bursting to tell everyone about what I saw. I'd like to use photography to speak on behalf of those that cannot speak. For example, many fish are dying because of over-fishing and pollution, but the animals can't speak for themselves! 

Are you like me? It may be that we are already developing our favorite skills to be able to discover and protect Allah's creation!











Your Turn: The planet needs our help! How do you (and your children) plan to use your skills and passions to help? Comment below!




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