We're looking for America's next top Noor Kids Model!

Do you have amazing photography skills?  What about a Noor Kids subscription? A super cute boy or girl?

If so, we are looking for you!  


The Contest

Take your bestest and most cutest high-resolution picture of your 4-8 year old boy or girl with their Noor Kids book, and post it onto our Facebook wall! Once your picture is posted up, the three pictures that receive the most 'Likes' and 'Comments' will win! 


And we aren't stopping there -- we're going to randomly pick three individuals who have 'Liked' the pictures to win prizes as well.  


Upload your pictures between today (April 5th) and Sunday, April 8th! Voting will go through April 13th!  


But What's the Purpose?

Earlier this week, we had an interview with a magazine, and they asked us to provide a picture of a child reading Noor Kids... we thought to ourselves and realized that we don't have any! Then... in an interesting turn of events... we decided to change up our Facebook Page and made plans to build a new website. We thought to ourselves, a contest would be a fun and exciting way to gather some of these photos to use on the promotional material!  


The Reward

a) The three winners will get a free 1-year subscription to Noor Kids (i.e. if you already have a subscription, you'll get your next year free! Or, if you want to give away a subscription as a gift to a pal, you can do that as well)  

b) The three 'Likers' who are picked at random will each receive one copy of either, 'School is out for the Summer', 'Noor Kids go to Hajj!', or 'Noor Kids Discover their Blessings!'  

Closing Comments

If you're thinking to yourself, jeepers -- I've got a amazing photography skills and a super cute child, but I don't have a Noor Kids Subscription -- this may be your chance to fix that!  We are offering a $0.99 trial to try out your first Noor Kids book

If you have any questions, drop a line at amin@noorkids.com or write on our Facebook wall!

About Noor Kids
Noor Kids is a Harvard-supported Islamic educational program designed to inspire kids to love Allah. Our online, interactive classes and books are kid-friendly, and shaykh-approved. Our program includes “Disney-quality” books, enriching classes, and interactive activities that are genuinely fun. Our books have now entered into over 250,000 homes across 25 countries!   Check out a free sample, click here.



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