Our Products: How we are engaging little Muslims

Our Products
Noor Kids develops 28-page, professionally designed activity books that are made specifically for little Muslims growing up in North America. Our books are published quarterly. Currently, Noor Kids has published three books. Click on the images below for more information on the book.





Creating Engagement
Getting children excited about Noor Kids is super dooper important. It's necessary that our content be engaging to little Muslims, else our altruistic mission will never be achieved. In order to develop engaging content, we subscribe to a secret recipe consisting of character development, continuous improvement, and story sampling.


Character development: Our four characters - Amin, Shireen, Asad, and Amira - build a relationship with little Muslims with every book they read. As children grow with the Noor Kids books, they gain a sense for the various personalities that the characters represent... inevitably, finding a specific character that resonates most with the child. Through this tool, we are able to provide an aspirational vehicle to deliver the Noor Kids mission.


Continuous improvement: We realize that crafting stories for little Muslims is a learning process. So with every book that we create, we source feedback from our readership to gain an understanding of what worked and what didn't. In doing so, it allows us to make sure that we do more of what worked and less of what didn't... learning from experience, that's a grown up thing to do, right? :-)


Story sampling: In the thousands of years that humans have existed on this beautiful planet, there have been many many many stories that have been told... some with more effectiveness than others! Being an Islamic publication, we subscribe to the idea that the stories that Allah (SWT) has provided us through our sacred religious books, the way of the Prophet, and other paramount individuals in Islamic history, are an excellent foundation for exciting stories! For this reason, many of our stories sample the archetypes created by historical Islamic stories.


Target Audience
Children between the ages of 3 to 8 enjoy our material. For younger audiences, 3 to 5, who may not be able to read, the Noor Kids books serve as a 'read-a-long' in which parents read the material with their children. For older children, 6 to 8, the books can generally be worked through by the child. However, given the religious nature of these books, we encourage parents to use this as a means to connect with children about religious topics and create dialogue within the household; therefore, we recommend that parents work through the books with children, irrespective of age.


Faith is an intimate part of life for many. As a result, we recognize the  sensitivity that many have with respect to religious material - ensuring that the ideology communicated through the stories are congruent with one's belief. Because we target such a young age group, we benefit from having a wealth of fundamental Islamic beliefs that are shared between all major sects and madhabs within Islam which we can focus on. Our books do not subscribe to one specific madhab or sect; rather, they are made such that all Muslim children in North America can benefit from them.

About Noor Kids
Noor Kids is a Harvard-supported educational program designed to build confidence in the religious identity of little Muslims. Each month, families receive a new title designed by our team of creative, educational, and scholarly experts. Our titles have now entered into over 25,000 homes across 25 countries!   To check out a free sample, click here .


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