Sunshine After The Rain

Sunshine After The Rain

Sunshine After The Rain

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So often, we face tough trials in our lives. It may be difficult ta see in the short-term, but the reality is that we experience challenges because Allah (SWT) loves us and has made each of us capable of handling the tests that come our way (2:28). These trials are Allah's (SWT) way of purifying our hearts and deepening gut connection to Him. Thus, in effect. they prepare us for something greater. Through adversity. we grow.

Sebr is a comprehensive virtue that encompasses endurance, steadfastness, self-control, diligence. and forbearance. There are three degrees of sabr. First, it is perseverance in obeying God by fulfilling obligations such as prayer and fasting. and having sincerity whilst fulfilling them. Second, it is restraint against sin through practicing God-consciousness and being careful of one’s thoughts and actions. And third, it is patience in the face of sorrow, defeat. and suffering, which means accepting the decree of Allah (SWT) and bearing losses. gracefully. Patience, however, does not mean to do nothing. nor to feel void of emotion, but rather it implies trying your best to ease the situation with reliance an Allah (SWT).

In this book, we hope to convey two key lessons related to patience. Our first story, “Bright Like a Diamond,” addresses the question. why do ‘bad’ things sometimes happen to good people? When Amin and Asad lose something special to them. they learn how turning to Allah (SWT) helps them become stronger, just as heal and pressure transform ordinary rocks into diamonds.

In our second story, ‘Litter in the Lake,” Amira is faced with challenge after challenge when she is trying to organize a cleanup of Lake Calhoun. Her attempts are initially unsuccessful.However, when she remembers that even our holy Prophet (SAW) was tested with great difficulties, she is inspired to persevere and make the mission a success.