Me and My Masjid

Me and My Masjid

Me and My Masjid

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A masjid (mosque) is the House of Allah (SWT) on Earth. As such, it has special significance in the life of a Muslim, serving many different purposes.

The Arabic term masjid literally means "place of prostration." Therefore, the masjid is a place of prayer, first and foremost. However, masajid are not only for individuals engaged in private supplication. Masajid are built to accommodate the needs of the Muslim communities they serve. Usually, Muslims gather on Fridays for congregational prayers. The brotherhood and sisterhood created by such regular interactions are facilitated by the masjid, which is the nucleus of the community. It serves a social role that helps create a sense of comradery for all people -- men and women, young and old.

With that being said, it is important to teach our children the importance of the masjid and to help grow a fondness for the masjid in them. After all, a person’s attachment to the masjid normally influences their attachment and love for the greater Muslim community. By instilling a love for the masjid in our children at an early age, we help build their connection to Islam.

In the first story, “The Best Battery,” Amira learns that the masjid is a place where we can recharge our spiritual batteries. Just like we have to charge our cell phones or other devices throughout the day, we should always make time to recharge our spiritual core and reconnect with Allah. In the second story, “Masjid Manners,” Amin demonstrates how different parts of the masjid have different etiquette. It is important to follow the proper etiquette of the masjid in order to show respect to Allah (SWT).

Because of the many roles masajid play, they are integral to everyday life for Muslims. Whether it’s counting down to Friday so that you can see your friends after Jumu’ah salaah or Googling the closest masjid on a road trip with the family to find a clean and quiet place for prayer, the masjid is definitely the heart of the community. So come on in; the door is open.