Making Our Way to Makkah

Making Our Way to Makkah

Making Our Way to Makkah

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Every year, we make our annual sacrifice during Eid ul Adha to commemorate the devotion of Prophet Ibrahim (AS). As parents, we can only imagine what an impossible task it must have been to sacrifice his beloved son, but Ibrahim (AS) was willing to do it for the sake of his Lord. In this book, we focus on two key lessons based on learnings from Ibrahim (AS).

In the first story, “Helping Hands,” Asad’s dad asks him for help finishing an important project, even though Asad has other plans. Asad gains contentment in that he has pleased his father, even though he thinks he has missed his event. Similarly, out of obedience to Allah (SWT), we listen to His commands, striving for His satisfaction.

In the second story, “The Warning,” Amira is trying to finish her homework, but repeatedly gets distracted. She learns that it’s often the case that when we are attempting to do what we are supposed to do, Shaytan will try to persuade us against following through.