In the challenging environment for Muslims in North America, our goal is to help raise confident Muslim children. Partnering with weekend and full-time Islamic schools is a critical way in which we achieve this.

Appreciation Awards: Noor Kids, together with a cohort of sponsors, has developed the Islamic Teacher Appreciation Awards within which we are providing over $5,000 in gifts and prizes to outstanding full-time  and weekend Islamic school teachers. To learn more, click here.

Enrichment Programs: Noor Kids conducts youth, parent and teacher enrichment programs. To learn more about our enrichment programs and events, click here.

Student Gifts: Noor Kids children's books serve as a wonderful gift for students between Pre-K and 2nd grade. Not only are the books fun and exciting, but also they are affordable for every budget. To learn more, click here.

Fundraising Program: The Noor Kids School Fundraising Program is an easy way that schools & communities can raise upwards of $250 with under an hour of work! To learn more, click here.