In the challenging environment for Muslims in North America, our goal is to help raise confident Muslim children. Partnering with weekend and full-time Islamic schools is a critical way in which we achieve this.

Character Education Program: The Noor Kids Character Education Program provides weekend and full-time Islamic schools with world-class Islamic learning material in a way that generates excitement among children, engagement among parents, and efficiency for administrators. To learn more, click here.

Family Night + Fundraiser Programs: Since 2013, Noor Kids had conducted special "Family Night" programs, in which we provide: (a) parent's seminar on research related to Islamic identity development, and (b) a children's meet-the-author program. These events double as a fundraising program for schools as well. To learn more about this program, click here.

Student Gifts: Noor Kids children's books serve as a wonderful gift for students between Pre-K and 2nd grade. Not only are the books fun and exciting, but also they are affordable for every budget. To learn more, click here.