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Raising Muslim Leaders through Evidence-based Curriculum

Noor Kids Curriculum

With Noor Kids, no question is too hard. Our books are crafted to answer the tough questions that children ask about Islam, providing them with comprehensive yet relatable answers.

Our books follow a 36-topic roadmap related to Character, Belief, and Citizenship. Each month, children receive a book related to one of these topics. Our quality-animated and shaykh-approved books bring together the best of entertainment and the best of learning.

Meet the Noor Kids Characters


The Sports Star! While Amin is brave, his daring ideas sometimes get him into trouble. He loves trying new things – especially when he’s doing it with other people.


The Trail-blazer! Shireen is as smart as she is adventurous. Her love for animals and nature takes her to exciting places! She is ready to take on whatever the world throws her way and won’t settle for anything but perfection.


The Scientist! Don’t let his lion looks fool you, Asad is more interested in a good book than an adventure. He is loving, studious, and moral. He always seems to ask the right questions.


The Artist! While Amira has a love for calligraphy and photographs, she is also modest and humble. She enjoys working on arts and crafts.

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Noor Kids - Books
Noor Kids - Books
Noor Kids - Books
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Noor Kids - Books
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Noor Kids - Books
Noor Kids - Books
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Shaykh Omar Suleiman

My kids and I LOVE Noor Kids. It is spot on in its approach and execution.

Ust. Rania Awaad, MD

Noor Kids helps children build a love for Allah and our Prophet. My children look forward to receiving Noor Kids each month

Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda

Noor Kids is excellent. It is the best service my family has experienced for our own kids.

Imam Tahir Anwar

Smart, thoughtful, and relevant, Noor Kids should be in all Muslim households.

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