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Daily stories, nasheeds, and guests to bring the Holy month into hearts and homes

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Daily programs that brings the spirit of Ramadan into hearts and homes.


Special Guests

Noor Kids, Amin Aaser

Amin Aaser

Founder, Executive Director of Noor Kids

Noor Kids, Omar Suleiman

Omar Suleiman


Noor Kids, Maryam Masud

Maryam Masud

Hafidha + Humanitarian

Noor Kids, Ayisha Abdul Basith

Ayisha Abdul Basith


Noor Kids, Abdul Nasir Jangda

Abdul Nasir Jangda


Noor Kids, Omar Esa

Omar Esa

Nasheed Artist

Noor Kids, Kiandra Browne

Kiandra Browne

NCAA Basketball

Noor Kids, Senator Zaynab Muhammad

Senator Zaynab Mohamed

MN State Senator

Noor Kids, Yasmin Elhady

Yasmin Elhady


Noor Kids, Moses The Comic

Moses The Comic


Noor Kids, Ilyas Mao

Ilyas Mao

Nasheed Artist

Noor Kids, Ismail Hussain

Ismail Hussain

Nasheed Artist

Noor Kids, Mikhaeel Mala Nasheed Nasheed Artist

Mikhaael Mala

Nasheed Artist

Noor Kids, Zain Bhikha

Zain Bhikha

Nasheed Artist

Noor Kids, Saalim Al-Azhar

Saalim Al-Azhari


Noor Kids, Mrs. Hashimi

Mrs. Hashimi

Children's Podcaster

Noor Kids, Mahdy Amine

Mahdy Amine


80k familiesFamilies love Noor Kids Digital Ramadan CampNoor Kids Ramadan Camp

Noor Kids has gained support from a host of Islamic scholars, academic leaders, and educational administrators.

MA Mrs. Alomari To: Amin Aaser 12 days ago

Personal update

I just want to tell you thank you so much for what you're doing for the kids. My girls love the digital Ramadan series and keeps asking all day when will it start !! I am just in aww of how much they are into learning their religion since I signed them up for Noor Kids ! I'm loving all their curiosity after watching your show.

NK Neslihan K To: Amin Aaser 10 days ago

Quick note

My son loves the books and the classes. He would not like any religious stories or character education books before but he loves Noor kids. Thank you for what you are doing!

AJ Afhsan J To: Amin Aaser 5 days ago

Jazakallah Khair

Your videos, books, and activities have helped so many kids stay at home, stay safe, and yet be entertained and engaged in family activities while celebrating the spirit of Ramadan. We love every book and video of yours. They are informative to me as an adult, and a reminder of the innocence we have lost over the years as we grew up.

Build a better world

We can build a better world this Ramadan.

Our goal this Ramadan is to raise chagemakers. Children who will use their faith as inspiration to build a better world.

Noor Kids - Build a Better World

Raising Changemakers this Ramadan

Our goal this Ramadan is to raise chagemakers. Children who will use their faith as inspiration to build a better world.

During our four-week camp, we will be discussing key topics such as:

Ramadan: How is fasting the key to unlock self-control, empathy, and gratitude?

Belief: How can believing in Allah and our Prophet make us unstoppable?

Character: How can generosity help us create a heart of gold?

Prayer: How can we ask Allah (swt) to build a better world?

Each week, we have storytimes, hands-on activities, and guest speakers who will help inspire Muslim kids from around the world.

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Snippets from Last Year’s Camps

Check out a few sample classes of what we did last year.

Laylatul Qadr playicon

Class - Dear Mom, I Love You

Our daily classes are uniquely designed for 4 to 9 years old around themes of character, belief and citizenship. Watch sample class.

Laylatul Qadr playicon

Animated Qur'an for Kids

Memorize Surah Al-Qadr (The Power) with us by using this beautiful Arabic recitation, and learn its English meaning as well.

Nasheeds for kids playicon

Activity - Our masjids were closed

When the COVID-19 pandemic happened, we asked Noor Kids families to build a masjid at home for worship during this sacred month. What they made was incredibly inspiring.

In the News

In 2021, our Ramadan Camp for kids was covered by news outlets around the world! Check out this interview with Al Jazeera.

Noor Kids on AlJazeera playicon


About Noor Kids

Born & raised in America, we understand first-hand the challenges children face.

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