5 Budget-Friendly Activities for Eid!

5 Budget-Friendly Activities for Eid!

Eid is just around the corner, and that calls for the preparation of funtastic ideas and activities that you and your kids are sure to enjoy! We've scrubbed through ideas for activities on the web, and have hand-picked our top 5 budget-friendly Eid activities to get you and your kid(s) inspired about our beloved holiday!

1. DIY Moon Piñata

As complicated as it may sound, not to worry. This piñata is simple to make and budget friendly as well! Use any pizza boxes or other cardboard boxes laying around the house, and the only additional items you need are tape, tissue paper, a box cutter or scissors, twine, and candy. This makes for the perfect activity to have all the kids come together for a fun activity in which everyone can participate and at the end, win candy!

Use the link below to see how Amnah from Little Life of Mine created this DIY Crescent Moon Piñata!

2. DIY Eid Mubarak Cards

For the all the gifts our children receive on Eid, we should encourage them to gift their loved ones (including elders) with their creativity. With DIY Eid Mubarak cards! Set up a card making station for them with items usually found at home such as colored pencils and markers, and pick up construction paper and stickers for additional creativity. It’s a win-win situation for both children and adults!

3. Star and Crescent Shaped Rice Crispy Treats

With only three necessary ingredients for rice crispy treats (rice crispy cereal, marshmallows, and butter), the only additional item you need to take these treats to the next level are star and crescent shaped cookie cutters, which are typically available at stores such as Sur La Table or Bed Bath and Beyond for $1-$3. Whip up a batch beforehand and use the cookie cutters to create the shapes (have your children help you with this step to make it a fun experience for them as well). Then, store them in an airtight container and then simply serve them the day of Eid!

Here’s Amnah from Little Life of Mine’s post on how to make these treats: Halal Shaped Rice Crispy Treats

4. Eid Day Gift Balloons with Money

One of the most common gifts on Eid day that we gift those younger than us is money. However, it feels a bit bland to simply hand over money to the ones we love the most. To make gifting Eidi a bit more festive in a budget-friendly manner, pick up $1 balloons from your local grocery store and a bag of tissue confetti from a local Dollar Store. Not only will you enjoy gifting these but the giftees will also love popping the balloons to get their gift!

Check out Modern Muslim Home’s post on how to create these festive balloons here: Eid Money Balloons

5. Star and Crescent Shaped Pepperoni Pizza

Remember those cookie cutters from Activity #3? Well, here’s an opportunity to make further use of them! To keep things quick, simple, and pocket friendly, buy pre-made pizza dough and jarred pizza sauce to assemble your pizza. Use the cookie cutters to create shapes out of the pepperoni and bake it off. Have your children get in on cutting out the pepperoni to make this an activity for them as well! Who doesn’t love pizza after month-long of fasting?

Here’s a similar concept we love from HelloHolyDays.com


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