Teach Children about Black History

Teach Children about Black History

As Salaam Alaikum,

Kids aren't colorblind. And, honestly, racism is a problem within the Muslim community. We're here to help -- Noor Kids has created two resources for parents and teachers. 

[PDF Guide] Teach Children about Black History (19 pages)
Our Educational Director, Sana Husain, MA.Ed, recently published a detailed guide to help teachers, parents, and khateebs discuss Black history with children. 

This guide includes:

  1. Why this conversation matters
  2. Common parent hesitations
  3. Historical narrative to share with children
  4. Activity - Understanding inequity
  5. Notable Black Muslims
  6. Additional action items for parents + resources

Check out our character-building programs for 0-3 years and 4-9 years old. Your kids deserve it. 

JazakumAllah Khayran,

Amin G. Aaser
Managing Director, Noor Kids
+1-612-290-1071 (text me!)

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