We need to ask your help... this time... for mom

Mom & Amin

Your support has allowed us to achieve incredible things. Today, we need to ask for help again... this time... for mom.

In 50 years, my mom never received an award for her career. Because, as a stay at home mom, she sacrificed her career for us. She never wore high fashion clothes. Because, as a working-class family, she saved all of her money for us. She never complained about her situations in life. Because, as a compassionate mom, she never wanted to stress us.

At 25, I finally realize that she gave the world, for me. Now, I want to be her award. I want my character to decorate her like beautiful clothes. I want to be the source that relieves her stress.

Mom has cancer. A tough, tough form. We've been battling for a while, and alhumdulillah, Allah (SWT) has granted us with many blessings since her diagnosis. Tomorrow is an important day. We will discover if the treatment -- chemotherapy -- has been effective.

But, chemotherapy is not our only weapon. Our tears and prayers to Allah (SWT) is even stronger. "Call on me and I will answer you" (40:60) he has guaranteed.

Tonight we need your help:

  1. Give Thanks: The nature of life is that sometimes we don't appreciate it until things are at the worst. Think of all of the blessings that Allah (SWT) has provided you with, and give thanks. He is certainly the beneficent and the merciful.
  2. Give Hugs: If there are people in your life that you love, express it to them. Give them a call, a text, or (my favorite) a hug. Life can change... and many times... it changes quickly.
  3. Duas: Please remember my mom -- Shaheen Pyarali -- in your prayers. Ask Allah (SWT) to give her a long and healthy life... such that insh'allah someday, she can see my (future kids) grow up to read Noor Kids

Your support... your help... mean the world. Honestly.

Jazakallah Khair,

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