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What is Noor Kids?
In the challenging environment for little Muslims in North America, Noor Kids is a Harvard-sponsored book series that seeks to build confidence in the religious identity of 4-8 year olds through Islamic education, Muslim culture, and American integration.


The book series has entered into over 10,000 homes across 12 countries. Now you have a chance to bring it into your home at our lowest price ever. Interested in seeing a sample? Click here.


What books will you receive?

4books specialNoor Kids Discover their Blessings

Noor Kids Discover their Blessings focuses on gratitude through establishing: (a) an appreciation for the many blessings which we possess, and (b) a belief that these blessings come from Allah (SWT).


In the first story, Turn Your Frown Upside Down, Amin experiences tribulations similar to those of Prophet Ayyub, ultimately discovering that Allah (SWT) is Al-Wahab (The Giver) because Amin realizes that he is still blessed with much. In the second story, Thank you for Thanking, Shireen learns the value of expressing thanks to Allah (SWT). The book also features a spotlight on trees in the Qu’ran, an Islamic invention, and much more!


Honestly Speaking

How does one practice honesty and why does honesty even matter? In this book we tackle these questions through our two stories, focusing on the Prophet’s (SAW) titles: As-Sadiq (The Truthful) and Al-Amin (The Trustworthy).


In the our two stories, Honestly Sweet Lemonade Street and Fort Trust, Amira and Asad learn that while it can be incredibly challenging in the short-term to tell the truth, the resulting trust that develops over the long-term helps build strong, healthy, and happy relationships. This book also features an Islamic Invention, a spotlight on ants in the Qu’ran, and much more!


Family Matters

Why does family matter? In this book, we explore the relationship between parent and child, learning that through love and trust, children are able to be successful and happy.


In the first story, Following Footsteps, Amin learns that through trusting his mother while hiking, especially during challenging situations, he is able to experience heavenly sights. In the second story, Swing and a Miss, Shireen learns to turn to her parents and to Allah (SWT) for support in order to face her fear of batting during her baseball game. This book also features an Islamic Invention, a spotlight on bees in the Qu’ran and much more!


Noor Kids Discover Patience

Patience is certainly a virtue, but how does one muster up the courage to practice it? In this book, we explore to prerequisites necessary to practice patience, namely a belief in: (a) the infinite knowledge of Allah (SWT) and (b) the justice that Allah (SWT) has with his creatures.


In the first story, Patiently Painting, Shireen internalizes a lesson on humility as she realizes that others, including Allah (SWT), possess knowledge that she doesn’t. In the second story, Racing Rage, Asad appreciates a lesson on the justice of Allah (SWT) when he has the opportunity to take revenge. This book also features a spotlight on the metamorphosis of caterpillars and much more!


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About Noor Kids
Noor Kids is a Harvard-supported Islamic educational program designed to inspire kids to love Allah. Our online, interactive classes and books are kid-friendly, and shaykh-approved. Our program includes “Disney-quality” books, enriching classes, and interactive activities that are genuinely fun. Our books have now entered into over 250,000 homes across 25 countries!   Check out a free sample, click here.



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