Amira's favorite foods!

I ate some cereal for breakfast today, and you know what was my favorite part? All the yummy raisins that were inside. They're so sweet and juicy!

Raisins are dried up grapes, and the word "raisin" is a French word that means "grapes." Raisins were discovered accidentally when some grapes that were still on the vine dried up in the hot sun. (I'm glad they did!)

Raisins are also a very good for you and can give you lots of energy because they have natural sugars inside. That's why I like eating them when I'm playing outside and get hungry for a snack.  Yummy!


Did you know that carrots used to be purple? 

And they come from Afghanistan! 

I love eating carrots in my salad because they are so crunchy and sweet.  They are really good for you too.  Carrots have all kinds of nutrients in them that give your body energy and help it to grow.

Sometimes my mom buys baby carrots from the store.  I like them because they are easy to munch on, but carrots come in all colors and sizes.  The longest one was grown in 1996 and was over 16 feet long!  That’s like the length of three adults put together.  I think it would be too big for me!

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