Get 4 More Books for $19.99
Get 4 More Books for $19.99

Get 4 More Books for $19.99

About This Item

Explore the rich world of Noor Kids adventures! With over 100 picture books crafted especially for Muslim children, this bundle allows you to personalize your selection by choosing any four books that resonate most with your child’s interests and the lessons you want to share.

Tailored Learning:

From learning about the Prophets to understanding our daily prayers, our books answer the tough questions Muslim kids ask in fun and engaging ways. 

Perfect for Every 4 - 9 year old:

Our books program was created at Harvard University and is shaykh-tested to ensure it resonates with children and will help instill Islamic values in them. 

Share the Gift of Knowledge:

Noor Kids books make an excellent gift for Eid, Ramadan, or any special occasion. 

Supporting Community Growth:

Each purchase helps Noor Kids continue our mission to provide engaging and educational content that supports children in building a positive Muslim identity.

Choose the Noor Kids Build-Your-Own Book Bundle today and give your child the tools to thrive in their faith and everyday life. It’s more than a bundle – it’s a pathway to knowledge, values, and fun that grows with your child.

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