Earth to Muslims

Earth to Muslims

Earth to Muslims

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The Earth and all of creation point us toward Allah (SWT). Verse upon verse in the noble Qur’an urges us to ponder on and protect the environment as a means to cultivate awe, gratitude, and humility within ourselves. In this book, we share two lessons about the environment.

The first lesson teaches that we are able to understand the attributes of God by learning about the magnificence of creation. In our first story, “The Magnificent Maker,” Asad and his friends explore the water system and discover that they can learn a lot about Allah (SWT) through what He has created.

Our second lesson communicates the harm in assuming that somebody else will take care of the environment. In our second story, “Somebody Else,” Zaid misbehaves towards the environment until he realizes that each person’s actions matter, and we must do whatever we can to help our world.