Divine Direction

Divine Direction

Divine Direction

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Finding and fulfilling one’s noble purpose is the duty of every Muslim. It is to identify the purpose of existence and live life in such a way that serves this higher purpose. Having noble purpose gives meaning to our lives and the deeds that we do. It also benefits us in this life, and, inshaAllah, in the hereafter too.

Allah (SWT) has already given us the foundation upon which our lives should operate, that is to worship him and be in service with remembrance of Allah (SWT). In other words, we should strive to do good in this world for the sake of Allah (SWT). After all, our Lord has made us His khalifas, or representatives, on this Earth. We have been entrusted with Allah's (SWT) creation and have the responsibility to take care of it. This means that whatever course of action or career we decide to do should be centered around these goals.

In this book, we seek to teach two important lessons related to noble purpose. Firstly, to know that when you decide to do something noble for the sake of Allah (SWT), you will always have His help with it. In our first story, “One Step Towards Me,” Asad experiences the miracles of Allah’s (SWT) help when his heart is set on helping one of Allah’s beautiful creations. Despite many setbacks,
he learns that Allah (SWT) will always come to your aid when you do the right thing with the right intentions.

The second lesson is in honor of our parents. It teaches that parenthood is a noble purpose. Allah (SWT) has placed the role of parents in high esteem. Therefore, it is important that we should always honor and respect our parents. In our second story, “Help Me Float,” Shireen is beyond frustrated with her mom and feels she never gets what she wants. But when she realizes how many sacrifices parents make for the happiness and wellbeing of their children, she begins to appreciate her mother.