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Noor Kids Learning Adventure: 
What you should expect: Soon you will receive your Noor Kids starter-kit, including our latest activity book, Global Muslim Citizen Passport, Parent's Guide, and Collector's Box. On the 15th of each month thereafter, you'll receive our latest book delivered in the mail. Each month, you will also receive online enrichment activities delivered via e-mail. 

Watch this short video to learn about the product.

What we expect from you: First, read our books with your kids. Our books are specifically designed to engage parent and children in conversations around faith. Second, please participate. Engage in the monthly activities and assignments with your family. Finally, please support us. Provide feedback, stay active, and tell your friends.

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Specific Offers:
Noor Kids Trial: If you signed up for a Noor Kids Trial, your first month of Noor Kids was $0.99. This will allow your family to try Noor Kids. Insha'Allah, you and your family will love it. If you do, after 30 days, your Noor Kids Learning Adventure begins! 

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  • If you have a four-month membership, it will be $7.99 for four months, a one-time charge of $31.99, and you'll be entitled to receive our next four titles.
  • If you have a twelve month membership, it will be $6.99 for twelve months, a one-time charge of $83.88, and you'll be entitled to receive our next twelve titles. 
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In-Person Orders or Conventions: If you signed up for Noor Kids in-person or at a convention, note that you may receive your first order of books through the mail after 30 calendar days. This extra time is necessary to process your order into our automated system. 

About Noor Kids:
Founded in 2011, Noor Kids is a Harvard-supported educational services organization that seeks to build confidence in the religious identity of young Muslims. Noor Kids children's books have entered over 50,000 homes across 25 countries. Our 15-member team is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Any issues? Contact us at Customer service hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays between 3pm-6pm.