Box of Noor Kids Books (66 Books)

$225.00 $524.50 saving $299.50
Box of Noor Kids Books (66 Books)

Box of Noor Kids Books (66 Books)

$524.50 saving $299.50
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Get over 50% off on each book when your purchase in bulk. Best for Fundraisers, Gifts, and Independent Resellers! Order Noor Kids for your School or Community and receive a significant discount.

Each book contains 66 total books. You can select any of the following six titles:

  • Sharing is Caring
  • Family Matters
  • Giving Thanks
  • First Time Fasting
  • Noor Kids go to Hajj
  • Charity Pays


When buying, indicate how many of each title you would like in the "special instructions" section of the cart. Questions can be sent to or at 612-290-1071