10-Book Donation (School, Mosque, Library)

$54.95 $79.95 saving $25.00
10-Book Donation (School, Mosque, Library)

10-Book Donation (School, Mosque, Library)

$79.95 saving $25.00
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We would love to have Noor Kids available for your Masjid, Community Library, or Islamic School. The 10-book bundle includes:

  1. The Power of Prayer
  2. Giving Thanks
  3. Sharing is Caring
  4. Protectors of the Planet
  5. The Book of Guidance
  6. First Time Fasting
  7. Noor Kids Go to Hajj
  8. Happily Ever Hereafter
  9. Not So Smarty Pants
  10. Family Matters. 

This is a one-time shipment of 10-books for special offer for $54.99 (35% off). Note, this is not designed for personal use or gifting.