10-Book Noor Kids Box Donation

$49.95 $79.95 saving $30.00
10-Book Noor Kids Box Donation

10-Book Noor Kids Box Donation

$79.95 saving $30.00
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This is a one-time shipment of 10-books for special offer for $49.95 (35% off). 

  1. Heart and Soul (Concept: Soul)
  2. Hidden Treasure (Concept: Modesty)
  3. Squeaky Clean (Concept: Cleanliness)
  4. Never Give Up (Concept: Perseverance)
  5. Strong Muslim (Concept: Wellness)
  6. Forgive and Forget (Concept: Forgiveness)
  7. Fairness For All (Concept: Fairness)
  8. Happily Ever Hereafter (Concept: Afterlife)
  9. Family Matters (Concept: Family)
  10. Noor Kids Go to Hajj (Concept: Hajj)

This is intended for individuals that seek to donate Noor Kids to local libraries, community centers, schools, and/or masjids. Shipment is available worldwide.