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Why Noor Kids

Belief Inspire children to love their Creator

Character Embody excellent Islamic morals

Global CitizenshipHelp build a better world

Digital Ramadan Camp for KidsIslamic stories for kids

Am I ready for the month of Ramadan? Am I doing enough to get my kids ready? Join Brother Amin Aaser in spiritually enriching sessions, interactive activities, and genuine kid-friendly fun.

Islamic stories
Islamic books for children

Storytelling, challenges and nasheeds

Classes based on themes of self-control, gratitude, charity, and God-consciousness.

Islamic stories for children

Interactive learning

Live, weekly classes on Thursdays at 6pm CST

Islamic stories

Immersive storytelling experience

Taught by acclaimed storyteller, Amin G. Aaser

Key themes

Global Community

Participate, share, and learn with thousands of Muslim children from over 32 countries.

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25k Families text-heart the Character-Building Program

  • Kid-Friendly
  • Islamic Values
  • Critical Thinking
  • Disney-Quality
Islamic stories for kids

My daughter has never been so excited to read “Muslim” books. She literally checks the mailbox every day.

- Khadijah Khalid, Chicago


It teaches the most important part of Islam: how to be a good human being. Noor Kids helps my kids tackle real life situations from an Islamic and moral perspective.

- Haseeb Almutawa, Dallas

Islamic stories

My kids want to know “why” like, why Muslims fast or why we do namaz. Every Noor Kids book teaches them that. Lots of times it covers topics that I wouldn’t have even thought about.

- Salman Motiwala, Toronto

Character Building program

Just holding these books make me feel proud to be a Muslim, as a Muslim. They are bright, colorful, and something you would expect out of Disney.

- Maryam Mahmood, Tampa Bay

Kid-tested, Shaykh-approved

Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Yaqeen Institute

My kids and I LOVE Noor Kids. It is spot on in its approach and execution.

Abdul Nasir Jangda

Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda

Qalam Institute

Noor Kids is excellent. It is the best service my family has experienced for our own kids.

Rania Awaad

Ust. Rania Awaad, MD

Khalil Center

Noor Kids helps children build a love for Allah and our Prophet. My children look forward to receiving Noor Kids each month

Rizwan Arastu

Sh. Rizwan Arastu

Islamic Texts Institute

Smart, thoughtful, and relevant, Noor Kids should be in all Muslim households.

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Islamic stories on friendship-Character-Building Program, Noor Kids
Islamic stories on family-Character-Building Program, Noor Kids
Islamic stories on modesty-Character-Building Program, Noor Kids
Islamic stories on gratitude-Character-Building Program, Noor Kids

Topics Covered in Noor Kids

Our stories follow a curriculum of 36-themes developed after researching at Harvard, Berkeley, and San Francisco State University.

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  • Character
  • Beliefs
  • Citizenship
Noor Kids Character Building program curriculum

When asked about religion, the Holy Prophet (SAW) famously replies, “I was only sent to perfect moral character.” Today, secular science also shows us that character also serves as the engine through which children build self-esteem.

As Muslims, it is vital to lead within the communities that we live, being champions of social justice. Today, we also know that citizenship education also serves as a tool for 4 to 9 years old to develop a sense of belonging.

“Why do we fast?” For children growing up in a non-Muslim environment, understanding the rationale behind key Islamic beliefs allows children to develop confidence in their religious practice.

Meet the Noor Kids

Your family will fall in love with Amin, Shireen, Asad, and Amira – our characters.



The Sports Star! While Amin is brave, his daring ideas sometimes get him into trouble. He loves trying new things – especially when he’s doing it with other people.



The Trail-blazer! Shireen is as smart as she is adventurous. Her love for animals and nature takes her to exciting places! She is ready to take on whatever the world throws her way and won’t settle for anything but perfection.



The Scientist! Don’t let his lion looks fool you, Asad is more interested in a good book than an adventure. He is loving, studious, and moral. He always seems to ask the right questions.



The Artist! While Amira has a love for calligraphy and photographs, she is also modest and humble. She enjoys working on arts and crafts.

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Khutba for Kids

Each Thursday, join us for interactive, live storytime classes with acclaimed storyteller, Brother Amin (recordings available).
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Activity Books

Every month, children receive a new, activity-based graphic novel in the mail. Each book is based on our robust 36 themed curriculum.
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Khutba for Kids + Activity Books

Get both – access to weekly live Khutba for Kids classes, and monthly activity books.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm not in the US or Canada. Is Noor Kids available internationally?

    Yes. After gaining popularity in the North America, we just launched our "Khutba for Kids" for families based worldwide. So families in India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Uganda and literally everywhere else can enjoy these online classes.

  • I already own some Noor Kids books. Will I get repeats in the membership?

    Each month, Noor Kids publishes a brand new, never-before-seen activity book. That means, even if you own a Noor Kids children’s book, you will never receive that same title through the membership. Pretty sweet, right? Our amazing team stays busy!

  • What age group is Noor Kids appropriate for?

    Noor Kids is suitable for 4- to 8-year-olds. For younger children (4-5), Noor Kids is a ‘read along’ in which the stories are read to children. For older children (6-8), Noor Kids can be read individually.

    However, given the religious nature of our content, we strongly recommend that parents read with children such that they can use the text as a tool to connect with their children around religion.

  • I just want to order books to be delivered at once. How can I do that?

    In order to purchase a one-time order of 4, 8, or 12 books, please look at our bundles.

  • What is the process to cancel the membership and seek a refund?

    You can cancel your subscription at anytime. To cancel, email us at with the name and/or email address of the account. When an individual cancels his/her account, it means that the customer's subscription will no longer renew.

    If a customer would like a refund, simply email us at requesting a refund. Please note, if a customer cancels their membership, but does not request a refund, the customer will continue receiving the books which he/she has paid for, and their membership will not renew.

    Multi-month subscriptions will be issued a pro-rated refund for any remaining months.

  • I have another question, how can I contact you?

    Click on the bottom right of the page to chat directly with one of our staff. Alternatively, you can send us a note at and we’ll be glad to reply. Our customer service hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 1-4pm CST.