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Every night, fun spirit-boosting programs for Muslim kids


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Special Guests

Noor Kids, Amin G. Aaser

Amin G. Aaser

Your Host

Noor Kids, Zain Bhikha

Zain Bhikha

Nasheed Artist

Noor Kids, Ayisha Abdul Basith

Ayisha Abdul Basith

Nasheed Artist

Noor Kids, Sh. Omar Suleiman

Sh. Omar Suleiman

Islamic Scholar

Noor Kids, Nadiya Hussain

Nadiya Hussain

Television Chef

Noor Kids, Raef + Mini Muslims

Raef + Mini Muslims

Nasheed Artist

Noor Kids, Amal Kassir

Amal Kassir

TED Poet

Noor Kids, Imam Ibrahim Bakeer

Imam Ibrahim Bakeer

Quran Reciter

Noor Kids, Qari Noman Hussain

Qari Noman Hussain

Quran Reciter

Noor Kids, Amin Davis

Amin Davis

Nasheed Artist

Noor Kids, Peter Gould

Peter Gould


Noor Kids, Asmaa Hussein

Asmaa Hussein

Children's Author

Noor Kids, Kiandra Browne

Kiandra Browne

NCAA Athlete

Noor Kids, Muad


Nasheed Artist

Noor Kids, Zaynab Mohamed

Zaynab Mohamed


Noor Kids, Moses The Comic

Moses The Comic


Noor Kids, Yasmin ElHady

Yasmin ElHady


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In 2024, our Ramadan Camp for kids was covered by news outlets around the world! Check out this interview with Al Jazeera.

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