Meet Noori Bibi, Islamic Researcher at Noor Kids

Meet Noori Bibi, Islamic Researcher at Noor Kids

Noori Bibi is originally a Londoner who relocated to New York through marriage and is now a mother of two awesome young children. Noori is an award-winning campaigner who is deeply passionate about social justice, human rights and education. With over 18 years of experience working with children, young people and marginalized communities, Noori has focused on creatively developing their leadership and activism skills to seek out positive personal and social change.

Noori has worked in a range of educational settings and has occupied various senior roles. Her constant passion for education led her to study a BSC Hons in Psychology and Sociology, a Masters in Middle East Politics in Global Politics and she is currently undertaking studies in Arabic and Islamic studies.

Other than indulging in mamahood and studies, she is also involved in running a Maktab school in her local community. She loves to travel, her work and her studies have fortunately enabled her to travel around the world. She is a seeker of knowledge, good health, and good food. Noori works as an Islamic research associate at Noor Kids. It is a job that she truly loves as she gets to delve into Quran and Hadith on various topics, helping shape the key lessons and messages. She is able to channel her love for learning as well as her passion for developing children and young people through this work.

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