Meet Maryum Mohsin, Creative Developer at Noor Kids

Meet Maryum Mohsin, Creative Developer at Noor Kids

Maryum Mohsin is currently the Creative Developer at Noor Kids. She earned her Bachelor's Degree Summa Cum Laude from the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts in 1989. Since then she's worked in the field of Professional Development and Education in content development as an editor, reviewer, and writer, as well as in content delivery as a trainer and educator.

Maryum has reviewed professional development courses for teachers in RTI intervention and engaging English language learners; she's written hundreds of scripts for Next Generation Science animations, and she's researched and written storyboards for eLearning module content (9th -12th-grade level) featuring 25 most famous Supreme Court cases.

In April 2018, the Madrasah Center of Excellence certified Maryum as a Tarbiyah Curriculum Trainer to facilitate the training of madrasah teachers in the delivery of a new learner-centered, integrated curriculum designed by MCE. The goals are to introduce the concept of Tarbiyah (nurturing piety),  to shift from teacher-centered delivery paradigms to learner-centered, and to understand the value of integrating conventional subject areas to encourage a holistic approach to Madrasah education.

Since 2012, Maryum has taught 'Sunday School' classes at IEFAZ (Islamic Education Foundation of Arizona). Her area of expertise is Islamic history but she delivers lessons in an integrated manner discussing pillars of faith, practice, and values with a focus on applications of faith in the daily lives of young Muslims. 

Maryum is currently employed as a Quality Assurance Tester at Edgenuity, Inc., a leading provider of K-12 online learning solutions that leverage technology to improve student outcomes. Each time Maryum sits down to build out a script for Noor Kids, she applies over thirty years of experience in the field of Education and learning in hopes of positively influencing young believers and building a brighter future for young Muslims.

Maryum lives with her family in Mesa, Arizona.

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