Meet Anam, Educator & Podcast Producer at Noor Kids

Meet Anam, Educator & Podcast Producer at Noor Kids

Anam Mansoor is an expert in the experiences and needs of young Muslim youth today. After attending An-Noor Academy in New Jersey, where she became Haafizah and studied Islamic Studies and Arabic, she earned her B.A. in English from Rutgers University and her M.Ed. in Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education. She also took classes towards a bachelors in Islamic Studies from Mishkah University and earned her Hifz Ijazah in the Hafs recitation. She also served as the President of the Muslim Students Association at Middlesex County College, where she hosted several seminars for Muslim youth. 

At the local masjid, she taught full time at the afterschool, summer, and weekend school programs as a Quran and Islamic Studies teacher for elementary, middle, and high school students for over 7 years. She lead a youth mentoring program at the weekend school, where she worked one on one with youth on Quran, Fiqh, Seerah, Tafseer, Tajweed, Arabic, and more. She then went on to head the masjid summer camp as the supervisor and principal. She has also worked as a counselor, English and Social Studies teacher at the local Islamic private school. 

Anam is an expert when it comes to the unique challenges of growing up Muslim in the West. Being an active member of the community her entire life has provided her with creativity, networking and communication skills, and an understanding of the needs of the Muslim community at large. She knows what works and what doesn’t- and just what it takes to be a Muslim Superparent. She is passionate about guiding young Muslims everywhere to understand and embrace their religious identities, and ensuring parents play an active role along the way!

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